Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A Piece in the Works...

the past year and a half of my life encapsulated so many emotions...pure lovelinesses and hideous truths. i have been mulling over a big mixed media piece that will serve a a commemoration of that time...and the image of what it is to be is finally settled in my mind.

i have worked out imagery, materials and even composition, yet still struggle with how it will all come together.

right now i am in the process of gathering the following items:
rusty chain and or chicken wire
old, antiquated piano keys
some tattered red material
black ink
gold leafing
silver wire, very thin and thread-like

i have the large board the piece will be constructed on. and i have 18 months of journal entries that will be entombed in the piece as well.

Thursday, April 05, 2012

A Room of Her Own.

because i am lucky...and loved...jay is re-making this teahouse he built for the Portland Flower Show into a space for me to work in...to create art and jewelry in. i don't know how i got so lucky, but i cannot deny how excited i am at the prospects of having a real space of my own to work and show my work in. 

my goal is to set up my jeweler's bench and a soldering bench inside and have a sweet little display area in there as well. people can come visit and browse any time. music and, of course, tea, will always be present as well as good conversation.

since the reality of this studio has come into my world...and especially since we began work on it last weekend my mind has been flooded...and i mean FLOODED... with dreams that need to be turned to metal. i am twitchy at the idea of creating pieces using fire, which at present i don't have the proper space for. 

it is hard to temper the creative drive i am feeling. i feel like it is growing to the point i just may burst wide open...Oh that gives me another idea! See??? it just won't quit. 

stay tuned for photos of the progress of my studio project. love.

Saturday, June 11, 2011


my old work reminding me of why i am where i am today. feeling entirely capable.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Art Show

I've got some work hung in the faculty show at River Tree Arts...it's going to be an amazing and quite diverse show considering the diversity in our faculty!!! so pop on in during the month of march to check it out! you won't be sorry! i've got some block prints there that will probably be the last of their kind! so get them while you can!!!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Iconic Stones

halos of hand hammered brass bring to light the magnificence of green turquoise nuggets and deep, rich labradorite.

Monday, January 17, 2011

the key to winter's mellow

bits of warming turquoise, sunny lemon quartz and fiery brass beads...

Sunday, January 16, 2011

nuts for clusters...

clusters of beads dangle in a bunch from brass...in red jade or peridot. 

peridot & prehnite

peridot and prehnite dangle from smashed slabs of sterling silver, with african metal accents. 

Friday, December 10, 2010

serpentine, baby

i fell madly in love with these stones the moment i laid eyes on them. gorgeous grapey green globes with a subtle matte glow...there really is nothing else like them. they were brought to my favorite supplier by a traveling bead man, straight from the mountains of afghanistan. they were pricey...very. but i had to have them and create something with them. 

i brought them home...and i wore them as a plan strand for ages before i could bring myself to cut them apart and work with them. they had such a lovely weight about them, and picked up my bodies heat...i kept thinking "dionysius"...such a gorgeous, sensual stone.
in researching them online i found out some lore that made them my favorite stones ever...serpentine is believed to protect the wearer from poison and to reduce stress...they are so powerful indeed as to even allow tense women to relax enough to have orgasms. go figure. who'd have ever thunk it? but i tell you...they are so beautiful and mysterious, i do not doubt it at all. 

in my researching, too...i must say that i hve not found any specimens online that are as gorgeous as these stones. this piece, made with 14k gf wire, hand forged brass and a beautiful shell pendant that emphasizes the green is one of a kind, a piece to treasure and pass down. 

taking a tiny piece of maine with you...

my first attempt at creating a chain of wee beach pebbles...and it came out so lovely...this one is sold already!

how to lay your eyes on my work!

i am becoming a squatter of sorts! at least for the time being!

i will be setting my jewelry up at the P DeSantis Studio & Gallery in Kennebunkport at 77 North St. They are open from 10-5. a great chance to see what i've been making for the body and home lately in person! the gallery is primarily my father's work, he is amazingly talented, so you'll also have the wonderful experience of being surrounded by his work as well...gorgeous stuff.

i am doing one more craft show for the season, too...and it's a good one, sponsored by the oak and the ax. really creative folks involved. it is on december 18th from 10-5 at 129 main st in biddeford, the old reny's building. should be amazing. i hope to see you there!
The Oak & the Ax Holiday Fair